Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dev3DAO?

Dev3DAO is a top agency for design and dev agency focussing only on Web3. We are on a mission to make the blockchain development projects super simple for entreprenuers / businessess. Blockchain Developers across the world are part of Dev3DAO and contribute to make us the leading platform for blockchain based development projects

How many blockchain coders do you have?

At present; We have more than 500 blockchain developers. These blokchain developers are based out of different countries. The experience of these blockchain developers ranges from 0 to 20+ Years. Many of these engineers were working on other technologies before moving to blockchain.

Please note that the number of blockchain developers are increasing daily and so is our collective experience in blockchain. Further there are other service providers who have listed themselves with us

Which Specific Blockchain Technology your developers can work on?

Our team has experience in multiple layer 1 and layer 2 blockchain inlcuding Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, Cordno etc. This includes working on languages like solidity, rust. The team members has worked on wide variety of projects like Defi Exchange development, Smart contract writing / Deployment, Token minting, NFT marketplace development, ENS forks, decentralized messaging and many more.

Since many of our registered developers have moved from Web2.0 Development to Web3 Development technologies; they can help in development of Layer 3 D Apps. However we only focus on projects which have elements of blockchain development.

What is the cost of a blockchain development or what is the cost of a solidity programmer?

This is quite hard to predict unless we know exactly what you want to develop and what are the efforts that will be needed. A solidity programmer with 2+ years of work experience may work out for you or sometimes you may want to have someone with 5+ years of experience. The answer is it depends. Let us talk and discuss about it. We need to understand the requirements for blockchain development before we can help in defining the plan / blockchain development team further.

Please leave your details and we can schedule a call to discussion about your idea / project

Do you have only blockchain engineers registered on your site or other service provider are also provided?

We started with blockchain engineers / developers and designers. However we see Testing specialist, Agencies, content creators, Consultants, marketing specialists, Tokonomics expert also registering with us. If you have a requirements in other areas which are specific to blockchain then please do fill the form and probably someone registered might be able to help you

How the project works?

Once you provide your requirements; a project manager is assigned and he will get on a call with you to understand details in case more clarity is required in your requirements. Once there is reasonable understanding of details; the details are shared wth the development DAO team. The development team has to buy $ROVI token from the market to apply for your project which ensures that only serious developers / fellows apply to your project.

The profile and details of the developers are shared with you and you may interview the candidates before kickstarting the project. All the projects details are available in the system alongwith milestones.

Are project Fixed Bids or Time and Material Basis?

This depends on your project requirements and the blockchain developer / team you are hiring. Whatever is multually agreed between you and fellows of DAO development team is fine. It could be a Time and Material Project or a fixed Bid project

Who tests the blockchain development projects?

When you hire blockchain coders; development testing is done by them. You may hire a tester separately to test the output. There are experienced testers who are part of the Dev2DAO community who can do a great job for you.

I have got the coding done from another blockchain coders however facing an issue. Can you guys help me in solving?

You need an expert blockchain coder to solve a specific problem. we do have many experienced blockchain developers who are experienced in specific engineering problems. These codes are expensive but can solve your specific code problem. Try us

Who Resolves in case of disputes?

All the information is captured in the system and disputes are solved based on that. The project manager who initially collated the 1st level requirements from you will also be involved in case of dispute resolution.